VR pioneer AlfaVision celebrates success of social VR experiences

Pioneering VR company AlfaVision is celebrating its success in delivering social VR experiences for museums and heritage centres. The ability for people from the real world to interact in a virtual space takes VR experiences from being a solo experience into a joint or multiple guest affair.

AlfaVision’s first social VR experience was launched back in July 2016 at C-Mine in Genk, Belgium. Guests sit in an industrial zone in the real world and a mining cart in the virtual world and experience the life of a miner down the pit. AlfaVision’s innovative technology and seamless storyline enable the guests to see and interact with each other in the virtual world where they see each other dressed as a miner. As well as seeing each other, they experience the mining world at the same time as each other. The body movements of the guests in real life are replicated in real time in the VR experience so it becomes a shared experience and of course no two experiences are ever the same.