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Brussels, Belgium

The tourism information centre (TIC) of the future

The next generation TIC

AlfaVision created a modern state-of-the-art tourist office in the headquarters of Toerisme Vlaanderen (Flanders Tourism). This was a design-and-build project: the concept, the organisation of the resulting contract work, the hardware and software, the content creation and the installation were all carried out by AlfaVision. In order to offer a wide range of features in the Tourist Information Centre, use was made of a fascinating interplay of different techniques. For each element, accessibility, the wishes of the demanding contemporary visitor and child-friendliness were central. In this way, it is now possible for visitors of all ages to sample what Flanders has to offer in a manner that feels spontaneous and natural. The Toerisme Vlaanderen building is located in a Unesco 'world heritage' zone. As a result, it was necessary for the lighting to attract the attention of passers-by from the street-side in a respectful and understated way, both in the external galley and in the indoor office itself.

Visitor taking selfie with the LED wall in the background

Demi, the digital assistant talking to a visitor

Being immersed in the wonderful world of Flanders...

When you enter the office, you are greeted by a digital assistant, who can answer your questions accurately in four languages.

A series of short films in a book wall inspire and encourage you to visit a temporary exhibition, a culinary happening, a major sporting event, etc. A number of objects and artefacts in the book wall strengthen this eye-catching promotional display.

In an immersive space, an absorbing 15-minute film further introduces visitors to everything that Flanders has to offer in terms of culinary enjoyment, cycling, nature and heritage. An app allows you to zoom in more deeply on your favourite subjects in the film.

Last but not least, you can make a selfie against the background of the most attractive tourist sites in Flanders. Here you can also ask for more information and discover how you can reach the sites that interest you quickly and easily. Because after being inspired by all these enticing 'samplers', visitors want nothing more than to set off and explore the beauty of Flanders for themselves.

Short-term events projected in the book wall

The immersive room with a 4 senses experience

Total fit out with future-proof technology

From concept to installation with accessibility check:

  • concept creation of the next generation tourist information centre
  • light study and implementation of all lighting
  • contractor works
  • digital assistant: piece of furniture including hardware, software platform, design digital assistant
  • content creation for all digital interactives 
  • creation of software platforms for all digital interactives
  • creation of web app
  • production of immersive film
  • wrought iron signboards
  • installation of all hardware
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