Diksmuide, risen from its ashes

Diksmuide, Belgium

Experience how the town of Diksmuide rose from its ashes after WWI

Interactive exhibition for different target groups

This temporary exhibition is part of the Phoenix project that turns the spotlight on the reconstruction of war-torn West Flanders after WWI. It is a story of people, searching to build a new future, one step at a time. On the market square in Diksmuide, you can already get a taste of what is to come in a limited outdoor exhibition.

In the cellar of the town hall you will meet three historical figures, in whose footsteps you will quite literally follow. Via an audio wall you will learn about the world in which they lived and the difficulties they faced in 1919. A limited number of personal objects in display cases will draw you deeper into their story.

After viewing the paintings made by Van Sassenbrouck in 1919, a series of authentic images, facts and figures will highlight how people gradually saw their town get back on its feet. Next, you will enter a room with a carpet showing present-day Diksmuide. Here you will also find a touchscreen table that allows you to call up comparison photos of the entire town centre, with detailed images of the situation before (=1919) and after (=1923) the reconstruction. After taking a photo of you own in the selfie corner, you will move on into an immersive space with 360° projections.

Finally, the three historical figures will complete their stories, telling how their town and their lives slowly but surely took on a new shape and form.

Wide and varied visual approach with ‘tailor-made’ sketches

‘Diksmuide, risen from its ashes’ is a classic exhibition, but with a unique aspect: an artist drew special ‘tailor-made’ sketches based on authentic photos for all the stickers, placards, info-panels and other exhibition furnishings, resulting in a wide and varied visual approach.

The exhibition spaces are themed to a limited degree, using authentic material from the period. In addition, the visitor is encouraged to follow a documented walk through Diksmuide, where the results of the reconstruction are still visible a century later.

Exhibition from A to Z

What tasks did AlfaVision carry out?

Design and development of the exhibition from A to Z:

  • sceneography for the exhibition;
  • design of the story-line and script, with historically accurate facts;
  • design of a mini-style guide;
  • design and layout of the exhibition;
  • design, production and installation of the film, with authentic material, photos, facts and details;
  • design, production and installation of the touchscreen table;
  • design and layout of the info-panels for the supplementary walk.
  • full installation: fitting out and positioning the display cases and the objects for the partially themed spaces, placing all stickers, installation of all electronics (audio, film, touchscreen, immersive spaces, etc.);
  • design of exterior banners;
  • design and layout of supplementary outdoor exhibition on the market square.
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