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We are expert at developing fascinating content for museums, visitors centres, heritage sites and tourist information offices through a variety of different mediums: audio, film, scenographic staging, Virtual and Augmented Reality, etc. In each case, our realisations are of the very highest quality.

Our storytelling team consists of creative talents who know how to generate the desired impact to attract the desired target groups. We ensure that the broad general concept is accessible for all visitors, so that every target group in the museum enjoys a remarkable and memorable experience.

We combine the telling of powerful and enthralling stories with rigorous attention to historical and cultural accuracy. In this way, the visitor is provided with interesting and valuable information, while being completely and enjoyably absorbed into the world of the museum or visitors centre in question.

Some comments of visitors on Tripadvisor to AlfaVision installations
Great reactions

Historium 19 March 2019

The most amazing museum I was at

the most amazing museum I was at. They tell you the history of Brugge putting you into a movie. Very interactive, highly advised to visit with kids, they will love it there


Historium 24 February 2017

Goose-bumps all round! Whoever thought of this is a genius! It is a brilliant example of how you can make the atmosphere and history of yesteryear come alive. I would recommend everyone to visit it. It is a wonderful attraction, for both young and old alike: playful, well thought out and historically accurate. Wow!


Historium 9 April 2019

A fantastic experience! It was a fun experience. During the visit, you are led through various rooms. In each room, you see a part of the story. Whoever made this deserves our thanks and great respect for their marvellous work. The museum is clean throughout and the bar at the end is a nice way to finish things off. We had a great afternoon!


Historium 16 July 2018

Top, a must see !

A truly wonderful museum experience. The perfectly decorated rooms and the virtual storytelling allowed you to feel the real atmosphere of the past (1435). You can easily imagine you are a time-traveller. Recommended for everyone who loves history.


C-mine 30 September 2018

A guided visit with guests A great experience. The Virtual Reality is fantastic.


C-mine 15 January 2018

A weekend in Genk Very interesting. Brilliant VR-application. Recommended.


Abbey Museum 26 June 2018

Wonderful site and museum

We visited the abbey and the archaeological site, including the VR tour. You find yourself right in the middle of superb 3-D animation, which shows what the abbey used to look like. Highly recommended. You’ve really got to give it a try!


Tratzberg 18 April 2018

Cool experience with virtual reality glasses

We first went to Castle Tratzberg and it was really worth it. The Virtual Reality Tour addition blew our mind! A great contrast to the old building and a great addition to the radio play tour. When you come, be sure to take the VR Tour with you, really worth the experience!

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