Baku Khan Museum VR

Baku, Azerbaijan

Re-experience our forefathers’ amazement as they travelled the Silk Road

Reconstruction of Baku in 15th century

An Italian merchant will tell you about his first Silk Road experience in the 15th century. You will feel like you are right there, sharing in his amazement at all the new things he is discovering.

During his journey, you will learn about the land of eternal fire and its prosperous capital of Baku. Oil that spontaneously bubbles up from the ground, burning gas fields, a busy port bustling with activity, many unknown trades, but also fire worship will all leave a deep impression. For the grand finale you will take a breathtaking flight over this amazing city.

18 seats in 4 languages

The museum employee uses an iPad to centrally set the language choice for the 18 seats.The seats are specially tailored and designed in the typical Azerbaijan style.

The city of Baku was rebuilt as it was in the 15th century based on old documents and the expertise of historicians.

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