The Royal Mariemont Museum

Morlanwelz, Belgium

Experience the mummification of Hor in Ancient Egypt

Learning by doing...

The VR experience we have created for the Royal Mariemont Museum shows the process of mummification as it was carried out in ancient Egypt. The visitor travels back to Ancient Egypt.

The visitor has a front-row seat next to the mummy of Hor and his sarcophagus as the mummification process takes place. Due to the educational and interactive nature of this experience, the visitor gains a thorough understanding of the mummification process.

Assistanting with the mummification yourself

Travelling back to Ancient Egypt...

Photo of mummy being recreated

The use of interactive VR for educational purposes

Using interactive VR the visitor is engaged hands-on in the mummification process.

All necessary tools and instruments, currently on display in Mariemont, and used in the mummification were accurately recreated for this VR experience. This was done not only to ensure the accuracy of the VR but also to preserve the link with the collections at the Royal Mariemont Museum. The project included the creation of the software and advise on hardware.


All artifacts from the display cases were recreated

Brining of the mummy

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