Genk, Belgium

Experience a functioning mine in the 1950’s

A world first: social VR

At the C-mine Expedition experience centre visitors can experience life in the coalmine during the 1950’s at this industrial heritage site. This is a world first where social VR is employed in a museum.

Creation of young versions of miners still alive

This experience allows visitors to see their fellow visitors and their movements in the virtual world, making it a social experience.

Additionally, 3D-scans of actual miners were used to make the virtual miners in the VR experience.

Another feature is the virtual interactive “spotlight” on the visitor’s helmet that functions like a real miner’s headlamp.

Several special effects are used. 


Scanning old miners

Quote of the client

“Best collaboration ever!”

Mrs Trippaers, alderman of the city of Genk (Cmine)

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