Tour of Flanders visitor centre

Oudenaarde, Belgium

Participate in a Tour of Flanders bike race during the First World War

In the shoes of Paul Deman

In this experience you ride in the shoes of Paul Deman, the first winner of the Tour of Flanders in 1913. Cyclists were used as a vehicle for espionage and Paul delivered messages to the allies in the First World War.

The visitor sits on an actual bike, whilst experiencing an overview of the remarkable life of this great hero. In the middle of the experience, you are chased by the Germans and must cycle as fast as possible.

The experience is programmed to suit the physical abilities of the rider using artificial intelligence which ensures you are always faster than the Germans however slow or fast you ride and the Germans bikes are always slightly slower than you!

From clothes to cycle concept

To ensure an accurate cultural and historical portrayal of the cyclists’ life, the devastated and war torn landscape, and the clothing from the time, we worked with a team of university students.

Besides the VR, AlfaVision developed together with a highly specialised bicycle company, the cycle concept. This concept was developed for persons without disabilities as well as for persons with disabilities. We also advised the client on the businessmodel.

From first drawing to final Virtual Reality.

Visitor enjoying the VR on the bike, which was specially designed for this purpose!

Various looks of Paul Deman: drawn historically correctly.

Quote of the client

“A reliable partner who not only realises the product itself but helps think about the implementation of the whole project: operational, marketing and training.”

Mr Joris, museum director of the Tour of Flanders Visitor Centre

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