Historium VR

Bruges, Belgium

Experience how medieval used to look

A journey back in time to 15th century Bruges

This breath-taking VR experience takes you on a journey back in time to 15th century Bruges. Every detail was thoroughly researched to ensure historical accuracy. 

The visitor even sees his own hands in the experience and can take hold of things!

Reconstruction of Bruges.

Visitor seeing his own hands in the VR.

Visitor enjoying the virtual reality.

After the visit to Historium with the VR experience: view the buildings on site with the cardboard.

Experience with special effects

It includes long lost buildings and features and gives a whole new insight into how Bruges looked. Special effects like wind, heat and vibrations make the experience complete. Custom-made furniture was also designed.

Additionally, visitors can take the VR experience quite literally onto the street, with a Historium VR cardboard.

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