Abbey Museum of the Dunes

Koksijde, Belgium

Experience the life of a monk in the 15th century Dunes Abbey

Detailed reconstruction of archeological site

The Dunes Abbey was one of the most powerful religious institutions in Europe in the 15th Century. Today, only the ruins remain.

AlfaVision has recreated the Abbey in Virtual Reality so it can be seen as the monks would have experienced it 500 years ago.

The visual is supplemented with good storytelling. In this way, the visitor learns a lot about life in the abbey without realizing it.

Reconstruction of church

Construction works in 15th century

Detailled reconstruction of all works of art

Storage room in the 15th century

World first: use of artificial intelligence to create personalised experience and VR for the blind

On your journey of discovery through the abbey, you are encouraged to handle several artefacts and leaf through an ancient manuscript.

Using Artificial Intelligence you can select extra information that particularly interests you which is then explained by the VR abbot, a world first. This ensures a unique and personalised experience for all! 

To make the experience accessible to everyone, a version for the blind was realized. This was again a world first!

Finally, a trailer was also created and different other promotional things.

Redesign of space inaccessible to the public

Take artifacts into your own hands

Beautiful view on cloister

Quote of the client

“A professional service and smooth cooperation
which led to a high-quality product!”

Mr Vanclooster, museum director of the Abbey Museum of the Dunes

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