Hubert’s Mill

De Haan, Belgium

Wind energy: compare the past with the present

Complex operation of mill simply explained through immersive experience

As a visitor, you will find yourself on a contemporary wind turbine in a wind turbine park out at sea. From here, you will also have a fine view of the Belgian coastline anno 2020. And as if this were not already spectacular enough, you will be flashed back to the year 1900. You will fly along the shoreline and admire both the magnificent belle-époque villas and the scenes of beachtime fun from days gone by. You will end up at Hubert’s Mill, where the miller will give a detailed explanation about how ‘his’ grain mill works in action.

View on shoreline in 1900

The mill

The mill in operation

From documents and photos to complete reconstructions

Mobile VR experience with 5 seats available in 4 languages. Reconstruction of shoreline with beautiful villas. Reconstruction of the interior of the mill in full action. All the clothes of the characters have been recreated in detail.

Authentic sound recordings of the mill complete the VR experience.

Quote of the client

"We are happy and satisfied with the result! We knew the result would be ok."

Mr Vandaele, mayor of De Haan (Belgium)

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