The English Convent AR

Bruges, Belgium

500 years of heritage come to life in a closed convent

Activities come alive in monastry

This tablet offers you a unique experience, giving extra information in addition to what the guide will tell to you during your guided visit to this closed convent. Via this tablet, thanks to the magic of AR, you will see at several places in this wonderful building various scenes and activities come alive. For example, by pointing your tablet at an old map of Bruges all the religious buildings in the old city centre will appear in 3D before your very eyes. In the same way, you will be able to follow the evolution of the construction of the convent and you will also be able to leaf - virtually but oh so realistically - through centuries-old manuscripts. The beauty of the convent garden anno 1900 can likewise be admired using this same clever technology. You can browse real manuscripts via AR.

Because so many visitors ask what life in the convent was really like, a digital assistant has been developed (a digital nun, who you can see on your tablet), who will answer some of your questions.

Your personal digital assistant, answering all your extra questions at the end of the tour

Browsing manuscript through AR

Voice recordings by today's real-life sisters

The AR scenes via tablet. The tablet features guided audio for non-native speakers (3 languages).

All the voice recordings have been spoken by today's real-life sisters and you will also hear authentic recordings of their singing.

Manuscripts have been scanned carefully to make browsing through AR possible.


Recording of songs

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