Superimposing a virtual 3D-holographic layer on top of the real world...

Why Augmented Reality?
Added layer on reality through transparent glasses

Augmented Reality allows us to superimpose a virtual 3D-holographic layer on top of the real world using Augmented Reality glasses or tablets. It is uniquely suited for allowing visitors to experience context at heritage sites,exhibitions of historical objects or fine arts.

Look at a dinosaur skull and see the dinosaur come to life as a hologram and be able to interact with it. Walk in a heritage site and experience it coming alive with people and objects as if in the past. Look at an archeological find and see a hologram of how it looked intact and was used.

Augmented Reality allows exhibition design to break loose of physical and budgetary constraints, limited only by your creativity! Augmented Reality offers visitors compelling experiences that will entrance new generations of visitors and delight existing audiences.

Moreover Augmented Reality requires no external hardware besides Augmented Reality glasses or tablet that can be comfortably worn by the visitor leaving the heritage or museum site free from invasive showcases, electronics and cabling.

How do we do this?

Our most important strength is our vision to create strong and compelling stories, which are not only scientifically and historically accurate, but also entertaining.

We have developed a unique multistep workflow to ensure that the experience is historically and scientifically accurate. We spend significant time on the detail and aesthetic aspect of our creations, creating visually stunning and authentic experiences. This quality artistic aspect is further supported through a professional hardware team, voice actors, audio, and our high-end physical installation.

Why working with AlfaVision?
Unique platform for AR in museum context

We deliver an end-to-end service, including historically accurate content, captivating storytelling and hardware specifically designed for museum audiences. With extensive experience in running museums ourselves, low maintenance, userfriendliness and innovation are key to us.

We have developed a unique platform to use AR smoothly in a museum context, both for glasses and tablets.

Some AlfaVision realizations with this service

The Ghent Altarpiece AR

Ghent, Belgium

The English Convent AR

Bruges, Belgium