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Immersive projection

4 senses experiences for the whole family

Why immersive projections?
Immerse your audience

With 360°projections, films or images are projected onto all the walls of the space. But there is (much) more! During the experience, the four senses are stimulated: seeing, hearing, touching and smelling!

How do we do this?
From content creation to installation

Depending on the client's whishes, AlfaVision can make both real film or computer generated images for the projection room.

Why working with AlfaVision?
Low maintenance

We deliver an end-to-end service, including accurate content, captivating storytelling, extensive hardware knowledge, prebuilding projection room in our lab and installation. With extensive experience in running museums ourselves, low maintenance, userfriendliness and innovation are key to us.

Some AlfaVision realizations with this service

Diksmuide, risen from its ashes

Diksmuide, Belgium