Innovative digital interactives

A personalized visitor interaction...

Why digital interactives?
From providing information to a souvenir

AlfaVision provides innovative digital interactives like our AR/VR viewersⓒ, the City explorerTM and a Magic MirrorTM. The Magic Mirrorⓒ is a very popular interactive postcard module. The Advanced Magic Mirror transforms the visitor into a historical character with his or her face, while tracking in real-time his or her head or facial movements. The visitor can put him or herself into a postcard and choose between several backgrounds. This postcard can then be shared by email to a friend. The Basic Magic Mirror is a simpler version. The City Explorerⓒ is a smartly designed digital interactive that allows visitors to intuitively find information about a city, including personalized visit recommendations, an interactive Magic MirrorTM digital postcard module, city information browsing, and a digital guestbook. It is available in both a wall mount and tabletop format. It includes a full CMS system and cloud based dashboard displaying how the City Explorersⓒ are being used by the visitors.

Why working with AlfaVision?
Designed for museum audiences

We deliver an end-to-end service, including content and hardware specifically designed for museum audiences. With extensive experience in running museums ourselveslow maintenanceuserfriendliness and innovation are key to us.

Some AlfaVision realizations with this service


Bruges, Belgium

Schloss Tratzberg

Tratzberg, Austria

Diksmuide, risen from its ashes

Diksmuide, Belgium