Bruges, Belgium

The museum 2.0: a unique total museum experience (total fit out project)

The Historium is a unique total museum experience.

Visitors are taken back to the year 1435 and immersed in the golden age of Bruges, a UNESCO world heritage city. While being alternately entertained and amazed in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, they learn how and why Bruges became such a prosperous city in the Middle Ages.

This innovative and ground-breaking museum was a world-first when it opened and is still regarded as one of the most trendsetting in the world. The key to its success is its ability to constantly meet and satisfy the high expectations of present-day visitors. This means opting for a strong experience-based approach, multi-layered storytelling that can attract diverse target groups in ten languages, a family-friendly ambiance and content, and non-stop innovation. 

With more than 300,000 visitors each year, it is the most frequently visited museum in Bruges and one of the best scoring in Belgium as a whole.


A 5 senses experience to immerse visitors in the Middle Ages : all historically correct.

1 of the 7 rooms during the tour: the harbour scene.

The museum 2.0

The story takes you to a number of attractively and accurately decorated rooms, where film, audio, aromas and special effects (including snow) combine to create an impressive and sense-stimulating trompe-l’oeil. Specially composed music, performed by a top symphony orchestra, sets the tone. Each room highlights a different aspect of medieval life.

Afterwards, visitors can reflect and learn in the education zone or enjoy some cooling refreshment in the Grand Beer Café, with its balcony and magnificent view of the city. Last but not least, there is an enjoyable Virtual Reality (VR) experience, during which you sail on a ship through medieval Bruges, so that you can experience the city and its building as they really were in the 15th century, almost 600 years ago.

The educational zone

The Duvelorium, a Grand Beer café, specifically designed for Historium.

Total fit out with future-proof technology

It was Hans Vandamme, the managing director of The Historium and founder/ director of AlfaVision, who first thought of this revolutionary new museum concept. As a civil engineer by training, he understands that the technology involved must be 100% reliable, but also easy to maintain, future proof and simple to operate by staff.

His sharp strategic insight has helped to ensure that many years after its opening The Historium still plays a pioneering role in the museum sector. By making non-stop use of accurate Big Data analysis, the museum continues to be improved and optimised to meet the demands of the digital age and the ever-changing interests and expectations of visitors.

VR in Historium: every detail was thoroughly researched to ensure historical accuracy.

Attention to family-friendliness: specific matters for children.

Educational zone: panoramic view of Bruges' market: discussion of Medieval buildings.

Trailer movie - experience it & The making of
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