Big Data

Our approach: increase visitor satisfaction based on facts and figures

Why big data?
Best possible insight into profiles of visitors

Anonymous data are collected before being visualised in dashboards, which give the museum the best possible insight into the profiles of their visitors.

They answer questions like:

• What language did they choose?

• How long did their visit take?

• What interactions did visitors make?

• What did they look at? Which collection pieces? Which parts of the painting?

• In which part of the exhibition did they stay the longest?

• Which questions did they pose to the digital assistant?

Why working with AlfaVision?

We have extensive experience in running museums ourselves, low maintenanceuserfriendliness and innovation are key to us.

Some AlfaVision realizations with this service

Tour of Flanders visitor centre

Oudenaarde, Belgium

Schloss Tratzberg

Tratzberg, Austria

The Ghent Altarpiece AR

Ghent, Belgium