Schloss Tratzberg

Tratzberg, Austria

Experience the history of Tratzberg Castle

From a burnt down castle to its current form...

Tratzberg castle dates back to the 13th century and in its current form is one of the most beautifully preserved, late Gothic castles in Europe.

The transformation of the castle over time has been painstakingly recreated here in VR. Seated in a horse drawn carriage, you experience 9 centuries of history including meeting the key residents! The various construction phases were reconstructed one by one. A movie has been developed for people who do not want to watch VR, diferent from the virtual reality.

In addition to VR, a magic postcard was developed. After the castle visit, the visitor can send an animated photo to his loved ones from the castle. 

Reconstruction of the castle

Fire of the castle

Being seated in the horse carriage

Experience up to 30 visitors at the same time

The experience exists in 8 languages for adults. In the context of family-friendliness, there is also a children's version in 4 languages, with specially designed extra scenes. In order to cater for large groups, we have 30 seats and a central control of the language selection. Besides the VR a film, a trailer and a digital interactive were developed and installed.

The VR is supported by a story written personally by the Countess.


Scene from the children's version

View on the VR room

The Magic Postcard

The Magic Postcard