Flow management and wayfinding

Our approach: essential and strong emphasis from the start given the great importance of managing the museum efficiently afterwards 

Flow management in museums, heritage sites and exhibitions
Essential during development of museum or exhibition

Our extensive hands-on experience in the development and implementation of concepts for museums and visitors centres also means that we already start implementing flow management in the design as of the beginning. We are highly skilled and experienced in the planning and setting up of the operational flows and systems that are essential for the efficient running of the museum and the provision of an unforgettable visitor experience. We have developed our own patented software to make this possible.


Wayfinding for visitors in museums, heritage sites and exhibitions
Physical and... augmented!

Once the operational flow of the museum is in place, the path for the visitor is very natural. Where necessary, we provide physical signage for the visitor.

On top, we developed our own software platform specifically for ARtours through a museum: the personalized signage is only seen by the individual visitor.

Some AlfaVision realizations with this service


Bruges, Belgium

The Ghent Altarpiece

Ghent, Belgium

Diksmuide, risen from its ashes

Diksmuide, Belgium