Buxton Crescent Museum

Buxton, United Kingdom

Experience 18th century England in a Georgian spa town

The daily life in a Georgian spa town

Sick people have been coming to Buxton for many centuries, in the hope of being cured by the purifying effects of its warm water springs, known as St. Ann’s Well. Your journey through time will quite literally have a flying start, with a flight over the breathtakingly beautiful Peak District in a hot air balloon, one of the most recent inventions of the day. Afterwards, you will discover what Buxton looked like in the 18th century: just a few houses, and the majestic Crescent, complete with reconstructed stables! You will also learn about day-to-day life in the spa town and its baths, as well as confronting the stark contrast that existed between rich and poor.

Balloon flight over Peak district

Arriving at the prom in the Crescent

The standard mode of transport: a horse carriage

View on themed VR room

Mobile experience in themed room

This mobile VR experience takes place in a themed space, in a reconstruction of a hot-air balloon that is also accessible for people with mobility difficulties.


As an alternative, a 2D version with subtitles can always be viewed in this space.

The ball room scene

The ball room: reconstruction of this inaccessible room

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