Colony of benevolence

Willemsoord, The Netherlands

An introduction to life in a Colony in 1825

Experience what life and work was like in this experimental colony

AlfaVision created this unique VR experience which takes you back to 1825. This fascinating VR recreation allows the visitor to experience what life and work was like in this experimental colony, exploring what the buildings looked like and used for.

The Colonies of Benevolence were established at the beginning 19th century to eradicate poverty in the Netherlands. The central idea was that the state paid for land and housing and the poor worked to provide for themselves. They are currently applying for status as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Starting form pictures

From pictures to final virtual reality

The use of pictures, documents and paintings ensured the VR was a historically and culturally accurate depiction. 

Creating one of the scenes

Creating persons: detailed image 

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