Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Brussels, Belgium

Explore the work of Pierre Alechinsky yourself

Scenography matching the style of the Alechinsky

The introduction space was set up for this temporary retrospective. To create a good flow, the visitor is entitled to an introductory text about the artist when entering the exhibition.

Afterwards your attention will be drawn to a digital interactive application in this room. Backed up by this good introduction, you can fully enjoy the museum's extensive collection of Alechinsky's in the following rooms.

Various hand drawn designs for this space

Various hand drawn designs for this space

Final hand drawn design for this space

View of the final result of the design

From design to installation

The custom-made piece of furniture for this application is accessible to people with disabilities.

A unique etching was designed for the wallcovering to bring the visitor into Alechinsky's world of life from the very first space. 

Everything was designed, produced and installed by AlfaVision, including the hardware for the digital application.

Detail on wall: AlfaVision design drawn by hand "creations coming out of the furniture/computer".

Custom designed piece of furniture with digital interactive, accessible to people with disabilities

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